Course Information


Even though the catalog title for this course is Modulation Theory, a better title for this course is Advanced Digital Communications

Instructor and Contact Information

Krishna Narayanan
Office location - 241D Wisenbaker
Office hours - Tue 9.30 to 11.00 and Friday 10.00 to 11.30
Email - kay aar yen at ece dot tamu dot edu

Grader and Contact Information

Office location - TBA
Office hours - TBA
Email -

Text book


Suggested Reading

J.M. Cioffi, Course notes, available from Prof. Cioffi's home page (chapters 1,2,3,6,4)
J.M. Wozencraft and I.M. Jacobs, Principles of Digital Communications
R. G. Gallager, Principles of Digital Communications, Cambridge University Press
A. Lapidoth, A Foundation in Digital Communication, Cambridge University Press
U. Madhow, Fundamentals of Digital Communications, Cambdrige University Press
S. Wilson, Digital Modulation and Coding, Prentice-Hall
Barry, Lee and Messerschmidt, Digital Communications, 3rd Edition, Kluwer Academic Publishers
Biglieri and Benedetto, Principles of Digital Communications, Kluwer Academic Publishers

These books can be found on the book shelf outside my office when I am not using them.


  • Graduate level probability and random processes at the level of ECEN 646
  • Undergraduate level signals and systems at the level of ECEN 314
  • Undergraduate level digital communications at the level of ECEN 455
  • Graduate course at the level of ECEN 601 will help a lot although is not strictly required
  • Knowledge of MATLAB
  • More than anything, a willingness to learn

Grading Policy (tentative)

Homeworks – 20 % (may be graded on a 0,1,2 scale)
Midterm1 – 25%
Midterm 2 – 25%
Final exam – 30%
Either the second midterm or the final exam may be a computer project

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