Homework 1 - Due on Wednesday, February 4
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Comments from the grader:
This is Qinghe Du. I have a little requirement on the homework for every student. When you wrap your answers up, please do follow the order of original assigments, like Prob. 1, Prob. 2, …. Please do not mess up the order like: Prob. 7, Prob. 6., Prob. 4, Prob. 1, … Thanks!

Homework 2 - Due on Friday (5 PM), February 11. Since Friday is not a regular class day, please bring the homework to my office in 241D Wisebaker. The last problem in the homework is bit of an open ended problem and may not have an unique solution, so start thinking about the homework early. Do not wait until the last minute.

I will not be in town from Saturday until late Tuesday. So please post any doubts about the homework in the
discussion page. I will reply to posts.

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Homework 3 - Due on Wednesday, February 18.
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Homework 4 - Due on March 2, Monday
Problem 4.5,4.10 from Wozencraft and Jacobs
Problem 4.5,4.10 from Wozencraft and Jacobs (typed version)
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Homework 5 - Due on March 9, Monday
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Homework 6 - Due on April 1, 2009
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Homework 7 - Due on April 20, 2009
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Extra Practice Problems

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