What this course is about?

This course is an introductory graduate level course on the signal processing and detection aspects of digital communications. The course can be roughly classified into three parts.

History of developments in Digital Communications

  • 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone
  • 1880-1950 development of telephone system
  • 1895 G. Marconi 1.6 km wireless communication(telegraph)
  • 1960's Analog Comm -> Digital Comm

mid-1980's Mobile Wireless, LAN rapid growth(1947 first start)
10 Mbps LANs(only use in big companies)

  • 1990's Internet, data communication

100Mbps, 1G LAN
Optical Network

  • 2000's braodband service(1Mb+ data transmission)

Motivating Example - Digital TV

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