Synopsis of each Lecture
Date Lecture content Notes etc
Jan 21 Introduction, course overview, DTV example. lecture1notes(journal document), lecture1notes(pdf).
Jan 23 Review of Signals and Systems, Probabilty Read Chapter 2 from Proakis, background(pdf)
Jan 26 Review of Random Processes See the notes posted for Jan 23rd class
Jan 28 Baseband representation of passband signals complexbaseband(pdf)
Feb 02 Baseband representation of passband random processes See the handout for complexbaseband
Feb 04 Representation of bandpassfiltered AWGN, Intro to Vector Spaces Here is set of notes from ECEN 601. Read Chapters 3 & 4
Feb 05 Review of signal spaces video file for signal space review
classnotes(pdf) for signal space review
video file for Gram-Schmidt
classnotes(pdf) for Gram-Schmidt
video file for modulation formats
classnotes(pdf) for modulation formats
Feb 11 More signal space representation. Equivalence of passband and baseband signal space representation. Frequency shift keying, Orthognal signals
Feb 16 Basic detection principles, optimality of the MAP detection rule with respect to probability of error classnotes(pdf)
Feb 18 Structure of optimum detector, matched filter receiver, properties of the matched filter. First attempt at recording the lectures video file
Feb 23 Probability of error in AWGN channels. P(e) for two point signal constellations depends only on the distance between them. P(e) for antipodal, FSK, M-PAM, M-QAM signals No notes, read the book
Feb 25 Probability of error for M-PSK and M-ary orthogonal signals in AWGN. Upper bounds on the probability of error - union bound, application to M-ary orthogonal signals, bounds tighter than the union bound (general idea) video file 1
video file2 bounds on probability of error
class notes1
notes for union bound
Mar 2 Nearest neighbor union bound, lower bound on prob. of error, asymptotic relative efficiency
Mar 4 Non-coherent detection in AWGN channel - structure of the detector notes
Mar 9 Probability of error for non-coherent detection of $M$-ary orthogonal signals, sample problems for the midterm see notes for previous class
Differential detection of PSK signals notes
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